SPIN Selling

If you ever want to sell anything with high-end or low-end prices.

Neil Rackham
$ 14.00
Crushing it!

If you ever want to become a content creator, do online business, build a strong personal brand then learn if from Gary

Gary Vaynerchuk
$ 2.00
The One Minute Manager

This book teaches three effective techniques which can make anyone a great manager and leader who can achieve the goals of the company plus build strong relationships with everyone.

Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson
$ 6.00
Building a StoryBrand

If you ever want to create a business with a powerful brand that people not only choose to buy from becoming fans of then this book will help you achieve that wi

Donald Miller
$ 20.49

How can you create a habit-forming product which people can’t stop using and buying? The science behind it and step by step to do it.

Nir Eyal
$ 9.00
Who Moved My Cheese?

A motivational business fable that teaches you how to deal with changes in your business, life, and relationship.

Spencer Johnson
$ 4.00